Kelsey & Jordan Waites Wedding at St. Eugene

The elegance and glamour of the roaring twenties was living on at this Gatsby themed wedding held at beautiful St Eugene resort.

N + B Winter Wedding 2014

I know we are in the thick of summer now, but nothing compares to the sparkle of fresh snow; except perhaps a bride's smile and there was lots of smiles, even a tear or two of happiness at this beautiful winter wonderland wedding near Cranbrook.

Rick and Jessica McMillan

Thrilled to share some snaps of Rick and Jessica's wedding! Taking a helicopter ride to the top of the Rockies Rick proposed and the couples were engaged September 10, 2012. It started off with an emotional first look as Jessica made her way out from the main entrance outside where Rick patiently waited. A beautiful and heart warming ceremony followed in Cranbrook at the St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino.